Every day Little Ilford School has a large and growing number of enrichment clubs on offer. At Little Ilford School we want all students to take part in enrichment clubs and the list below should help you decide which enrichment clubs might be for you. If you are unsure, please speak to the teacher to find out more information.

The list is constantly updated as new clubs start so please keep track of the most up to date copy which will be displayed on the enrichment notice board next to the auditorium and online. It is a good idea to record all the enrichment clubs you take part in and this can be done in your diary. This information can later be used to help support your college applications once you reach year 11.

The list is constantly updated so please keep checking for the latest copy.

An up to date list for the Autumn 2019 term will be published shortly.  In the meantime, a list of after school sports clubs is set out below.

Enrichment/After School Clubs




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