SEN Team

Ms J Purkiss SENCO: 
Mr M Attwood Assistant SENDCO: 
Ms M Leonce Head of Behaviour Support: 
Ms K Kelly Autism Provision Teacher
Mr R Pedraza Autism Provision Teacher
Ms A Ingamells Resourced Provision Lead: 
Ms C Lambert SEN Administrator
Mr M Ali Behaviour Support TA
Ms A Ameen Autism Provision TA
Ms S Barker Autism Provision TA
Ms J Barnett Learning Support TA
Ms Amrit Bhogal Learning Support TA
Ms S Bhogal Learning Support TA
Mr T Bianchi Learning Support Teacher
Ms C Caroll Complex Needs TA
Mr M Cebrian Learning Support TA
Mr T Davis Behaviour Support TA
Ms N Ferreira Cabral HLTA Complex Needs
Mr N Houssein Behaviour Support TA
Ms M Jammeh Autism Provision TA
Ms B Keser HLTA Complex Needs
Ms S Khalil HLTA Complex Needs
Mr R Lawoyin Behaviour Support TA
Ms S Monteiro Autism Provision TA
Ms J Priyarathan Learning Support TA
Ms M Saib Learning Support TA
Ms R Sandhu Learning Support TA
Ms Zenani Sibindi Autism Support TA
Ms L Samuels Learning Support TA
Mr M Sanyang Autism Provision HLTA
Mr S Walker Learning Support TA
Ms Farihah Ullah Autism Support TA

As parents are unable to visit our ASD Resources Provision Unit, we have created a slide show.

Remote Learning for SEN students


The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) team comprises staff with a range of skills and knowledge. As SENCO, Ms Purkiss brings a strong teaching and learning background as departmental and pastoral lead, as well as being a qualified SENDCO to the leadership of the SEND Department.  Ms Purkiss liaises with pastoral teams and external agencies.  Mr Attwood, Head of Learning Support, has strong understanding, skills and knowledge of special educational needs and disabilities and also oversees Medical Care Plans and Exam Access Arrangements. Ms Leonce specialises in addressing the needs of students with SEMH difficulties (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) which may include students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or students where challenging behaviour is impacting negatively on their learning, achievement and progress.

The SEND department team is large and comprises teachers and teaching assistants (TAs). Teaching Assistants receive continuing professional development so that they are able to differentiate fully for the varying needs of a range of students on the SEND Caseload in the mainstream and those in the Complex Needs Group.  Student Profiles are devised for all students on the SEND Priority List; these profiles are issued to teachers and teaching assistants so that they are aware of the needs of these students.

The SEND department works both in a specialised way, devising individualised programmes according to students’ needs and ensuring that the learning support is incorporated into into the fabric of the school.


The SEND department delivers advice to teachers on accessing and delivering the curriculum; differentiating the work accordingly. Students are supported by both differentiated work and teaching assistant support where appropriate to make the expected rates of progression.

The Complex Needs Group comprises students from different year groups, working below age-related expectations: they have additional needs, including Down’s Syndrome, autism and medical needs. The curriculum is project based and includes English, Mathematics and Life Skills (ASDAN) projects.  B squared is used as an assessment tool for students  who are working below expected levels. Teaching in the Complex Needs Group incorporates the use of colourful semantics, numicon and Lexia to support core subject teaching.  Moving from dependency to independency is a key aspect for all SEND students.

Certain students are provided with the opportunity of obtaining an ASDAN qualification, which is implemented and taught by Mr Attwood.

In terms of individual students’ needs, the department uses ‘Lexia’ - a programme which is designed for dyslexic students, but extends to the needs of many of the students’ under the SEND remit in terms of addressing their literacy.

Mr Attwood also oversees Exam Access Arrangements for students. This may involve applying reading and writing tests and tests for dyslexia for students where appropriate. 


For students presenting with challenging behaviour, Ms Leonce liaises with the Local Authority Behaviour Support Services for implementation of Pastoral Support Programmes (PSPs). The PSPs are a 16-week programme which are implemented when students with challenging behaviour become at risk of permanent exclusion. In Newham, the PSPs have a 95% success rate where avoiding permanent exclusion is concerned. Students on PSPs or with behavioural difficulties will be supported by specialised teaching assistants, experienced at working with challenging behaviour and also with a strong focus on students’ learning and attendance. Ms Leonce will liaise with pastoral achievement leaders and deputy pastoral achievement leaders to facilitate support and implement strategies for individuals and groups of students. The pastoral support programme involves strong school and parent/carer liaison.

The behaviour support team also provides 1:1 mentoring; in-class support; referrals where necessary and works closely with the local authority. 

External Support Agencies

The SEND department maintains strong and productive relationships with the Newham Behaviour Support Service, Language Communication Interactions Service (LCIS), Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), NHS Speech and Language Services, Newham Educational Psychology Service, the School Health Service, the Sensory Service, Physiotherapy Service and the London Borough of Newham SEN Department.  The SEND department also maintains close links with certain specialist long and short term alternative provision establishments for students who are having difficulty engaging in the mainstream setting.

The SEND department maintains strong and productive links with parent/carers throughout.  Here are some links to useful websites related to SEND:

Useful Information:

Newham Families local offer


BDA Dyslexia

Dyslexia Action  

'Dyslexia: Left from Write'


Young Minds



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